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Interview with The Pack A.D.
Interview with The Pack A.D.

Blast of emotions, mad drive of howling motors and lot of horsepower which gets into space in the form of grange-blues accords. As a matter of fact we can mince words for a long time describing this band. Under their low-key but memorable name – The Pack A.D. Two girls came from Canada united calm and quiet blues with blasting all around expression.

Released their debut «Tintype» the band announced themselves enough loud. After their music experiments during the history of band The Pack A.D. become one of most valuable modern collectives at Canada’s underground scene.

At our interview with drummer of The Pack A.D. – Maya Miller told us about music, love to the horror films and band’s coming release.


For our readers would be interested to hear a story about your band, how you created your group?

We were part of another band before we broke away and formed The Pack A.D. We just found that we worked really well together and thought it easier to just be the two of us.

Many of your fans associate your music with some kind of grunge, shoegaze and others more or less alternative styles of rock. What bands' helped to inspire you to get into music?

Oh, wow, so many different bands have been an inspiration and though both of us listen to similar music we also have different taste. For instance, I am a big fan of rap and hip hop, while Becky is more into 60's psychedelic rock. As for who influences us, it's very hard to pinpoint because our tastes are so varied.

Since realizing your debut album «Tintype», your music changed a lot. How would you describe the evolution of the band’s sound?

When we first began, we played what we could play, so everything was very simple and short and not always very well thought out, haha. As we've evolved, we've become stronger musicians and our music has developed into more of the variety of rock that it is now.

Interview with The Pack A.D.

Mixing many different genres, how can you create such a balance?

Good question. I'm not really sure, I just know that we both play what we like to hear and figure, with any luck, someone else will want to hear it too.

Probably all of your clips look like some kind of horror movies – a lot of violence, mystic etc. like in clips for songs «Battering Ram», «Animal» and «Sirens». How can you explain such love to the horror scenes?

We are both huge horror and science fiction fans, so apparently that really dominates our music videos.

Your last album was EP «Meta Animal» – how you can describe this work?

With Meta Animal, we wanted to showcase a song that was soon to be released on our last full length LP, Do Not Engage. We thought, what better way, then to reintroduce ourselves by putting it together with some fan favorites. Our good friend, MAMH, is the artist behind the drawings of us and the snake on the back of the vinyl version.

Many of fans are wondering: how do you manage to combine manage the massive sound with a raw live energy? And what was the reason to play in a duet ? What's different in the music industry today compared to when you first started?

When there's only two of you on stage, it feels natural to give everything you have for the show. Maybe if we were a band of 4 or 5 people, there could be one or two people that can afford to chill out while everyone watches the lead singer or the lead guitar player. With only two people, chances are extremely good that you're both getting watched and we don't like to be boring. The best part of music is performing, at least I think so.

Interview with The Pack A.D.

Your previous contract ended you signed new – with the Nettwerk Music Group. Was it successful for your work during all this time?

Actually, we are about to release a brand new album called Positive Thinking. It comes out on Aug 12 in Canada, with a worldwide release to come after that, date tba. We are releasing this on Cadence Music and are super excited about this album. We just release the video for the first single, So What, which is on our youtube channel. Becky is abducted by aliens in it's in line with our previously mentioned video tendencies.

Can you tell to us something about the process of recording your songs ?

With this last album, we actually went in to the studio and recorded 5 different times. We'd come up with a bunch of songs and then go and record them. This was actually great because it gave us the time to sort out what we liked when we were done putting it together. So, for this album, we recorded 25 songs but are only releasing far.

Have you got a tour, at this moment ? can you tell us about your future plans?

We are about to go on a month tour of Canada and the US. After the album comes out in August, we will tour again and again and get the picture.

One of the favorite topics for musicians discussion are fans. what do you think about your fans?

We have the best fans. No joke. Our fans are very loyal and caring and demonstrative. They are the reason we are here. We'd be nothing without them.

Can you name album-your main source of inspiration?

Right now, personally, I'm very inspired by the new Radiohead album that just came out. Unbelievably lush and affecting. I've literally been listening to it on repeat.

Text: Danil Volohov


Interview with The Pack A.D.


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