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Line Out. Interview
Line Out. Interview

"Our music - a fusion of different sounds, genres and cultural codes."
The Serbian band “Line Out” refers to the music genre of "eclecticism" and tries to go beyond the ordinary. Musicians experimenting with the sound, mix different genres and accompany their performances with certain visuals that they come up with and make them by themselves. More about their work and the problems the alternative scene has in Serbia, told us “Line Out” in our magazine.

What can you tell us about the group Line Out, how did it arise?

Line Out was formed all the way back in 90's. Even though it was not the same band and genre as it is today, base of the three members was formed during that time. We were kids playing in a garage, doing gigs just for drinking and fun. It was the year of 2007 when Line Out was shaped the way it is now. Until then, we were making only instrumental music, with no vocals. From that year (after a short break) we started working as a band of seven members. During that period we even had a saxophone and trumpet players. Eventually, the concept was changing, and here we are today: playing as a six-members-band, with a singer, no saxophone and trumpet, but a midi controller instead.

Tell us about the members of the band.

We are all like a big family. We know each other for a long time now, as we come from a small town in Serbia. A drummer (Vladimir Koprivica), bass player (Milan Đurđević) and a guitar player (Zoltan Kiš) were the very first structure of the band. They formed Line Out with some other friends of ours. Then, it was the second guitar player (Boris Golub) and a singer (Jovana Đurović) to upgrade the crew in 2007. In the end, we wanted to express ourselves not just with music, but with videos also. That was the moment when we got a VJ (Miloš Čekić) as a member of the band. In collaboration with Milan Đurđević, he was making videos that were played live on our concerts. Later on, Miloš started playing a midi controller keyboard. In short, we have two guitars, drums, bass guitar, midi controller and a vocal (from time to time she plays with her singing, using a kaoss pad).

To which genre would you refer your music?

Due to a complexity of nowadays music, we can call our genre „eclecticism“. It is a philosophical term for combining elements from plenty (or a couple) of different systems. It's the same with our music: a fusion of all different influences and sounds, genres and cultural codes. When making songs, we try to use every music experience we had, and that includes all kinds of music: instrumental, electronic, raw music...

Line Out. Interview

What do you want to tell with your music?

Our music is a way of preaching. But, not in a pretentious way... music itself is as a way of preaching. It is our job to make it as more receptive as possible, so that it can get to people. That's why this music is not for everyone. We don't make it to be commercial and consumed, we make it to mean something, to send a message of resistance, knowledge, passion and love.

Do you perform songs in Serbish too, or only in English?

Our songs are all in English. People in Serbia sometimes have a problem with that, but we feel our music as melodically suitable for English. Somehow, our singing melodies don't seem adaptable for the sound of Serbian language. And that's the whole „philosophy“. It has nothing to do with the lack of national consciousness or something like that. And then again, people who don't listen to music that is originally in English probably won't find our music interesting. We built our taste in music, on English bands.

Where did you perfom already?

We performed at lots of festivals in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Republika Srpska. Right now, we are about to have a concert in Vienna, Austria. But mostly, we play in a region of countries of Balkan...

Line Out. Interview

On which big events did you perform, and how was the experience?

We had a big performance at the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. We played at the Fusion stage, the second biggest stage, and that was a special experience. The best thing at international festivals like this one is that you get the chance for people from lots different countries to listen to you. That way you get international fans. That's what happened to us. On the other hand, performing for people that already know your songs, and are big fans of your music in your own country is also precious. That happens almost every time we play at a smaller festivals in Serbia

Is music just a hobby for you, or something more?

Music is not a hobby for us. But we don't make our livings from it as well. It's somewhere in between. We do this seriously, with passion, and commitment, but the situation in Serbia doesn't allow us to make a living just with making music. Author's rights in our country are not regulated at all, so we don't get paid for our songs being played at TV or radio stations. It all comes back to youtube channel and music portals.

Line Out. Interview

What do you do beside music?

The way we combine our professions (jobs that we do besides) with our music is really interesting and productive. For instance: Milan Đurđević, our bass player, has his own video production studio (BITBOX studio). That way we get to make music videos, photo shoots, VJ videos by ourselves. We go for „do it yourself“ principle. It's the same thing with the space where we rehearse. It used to be a garage in Miloš's house, but we rearranged it to be a place for music rehearses. That way we both win: Miloš can rent a place to other bands, and we can play in our own space. We call that space “Fabrique”. The others from the band work in health care or state institutions and Jovana is still a student – studying comparative literature.

Is it difficult to promote alternative music in Serbia?

Despite everything, alternative music scene in Serbia is great! There are a lot of excellent bands active in a couple of last years. Thanks to that it’s not that hard to promote alternative music. Also, there are many good producers of alternative electronic music on Balkan. We are cooperating with some producers from Croatia: they made remixes of our song called “Robot”. It great to have a possibility to do something like that, to connect with other musicians. That means the alternative scene is widening. Once you have it, it’s much easier to organize concerts, festivals and gigs. There is, as always, a problem of so called “music clans”. Everything is a question of power. There has to be one record label, or one booking agency that has the biggest influence on the scene, so their bands are active at every festival in Serbia. Sometimes, for bands like ours that are not from a capital city, it gets harder to reach media. But again, there is always a way, even if it’s the harder one…

Line Out. Interview

Does the TV, Radio, and Press support the alternative genre?

Luckily we can say that there are some TV shows in last 2 or 3 years that are of much help for alternative musicians. But that’s still too little support, considering the presence of non-alternative culture in Serbian media. Like we said earlier, some radio and TV shows are also under the veto of the most powerful music labels, or something like that. So, you cannot always get all the attention from media, as you would like to. Nowadays, Internet is the solution to that problem. We try to use it as much as possible.

How's the CD selling in Serbia? Is it possible to make profit?

CD is selling fine. Very good package, design... nice piece of music you can have in your hand if you contact us or you can buy it on the our gigs. It’s more important for people to listen to a CD, than for us to get some money.

What are the future plans of Line Out?

Future plans are to do some serious promoting of our last CD “Cynicism”. Hopefully not just in Serbia and region, but also abroad... We would love to get a foreign record label contract. There is some idea about making a vinyl and dowload edition of “Cynicism”.... Making music for theatre is also one of our future resolutions... We could do it maybe in Russia some day? Plans to have as many gigs, concerts as possible, and to make new songs. We never stop.

And last but not least, any wishes to our readers?

We wish your readers more and more of good music! Somewhere in between, they could put us in their wishes, so that we can perform for them.

Album Masterpiece by Line Out


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