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Punk Rock Holiday / 07-11.08.2017 / Tolmin, Slovenia
Punk Rock Holiday / 07-11.08.2017 / Tolmin, Slovenia

7+8-11 AUGUST 2017

Considering it took only 10 hours for the 7th edition to be sold out almost a year in advance with not a single band announced, proves that Punk Rock Holiday has truly become one of the most anticipating events in Europe to those who have once experienced a different meaning of a festival.

Camping in the shade of the trees, surrounded by mountains, a meditereanean climate, 2 festival owned beaches, main stage in an avenue of trees, no barricades between bands and audience and a Beach stage on a so called paradise beach should give you the impression of how amazing this festival really is.

Not only the festival offers a tasty selection of amazing bands, but also the whole relaxed atmosphere on one of the most exceptional festival locations in the world makes Punk Rock Holiday an unforgettable experience.

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